hannah & patrick

Hannah and I have been together for a decade - high school sweethearts that met at 16, a crush likely fueled by hormones at the time. I don’t think at 16 I understood how deeply I would fall in love with Hannah and how perfect we are for each other. In time we grew together, where many grew apart and after 10 years I simply couldn’t picture an existence without her.

The proposal took 9 months to plan, fortunately for me Hannah had a public Pinterest board titled “Engagement Rings”. I was able to take a photo she had saved 4 years ago to the Alana Maria team and from there we meticulously designed and considered every detail of her perfect ring.

On a rainy October afternoon, at a beautiful outlook in Mudgee, I asked Hannah to marry me. It was a complete surprise. The moment was perfect in every way and adored her ring.

We spent a few hours crying and laughing and talking about the future, then we started facetiming our families. I cannot wait to marry Hannah.

- Patrick.