Statement on sustainability

Sustainable Ethos

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. A decision we haven’t pivoted towards, but a responsibility we built our business upon. Our circular design and manufacturing processes allow us to consciously create meaningful jewellery that leaves a very small footprint on our planet.

Since creating our very first piece of jewellery, we’ve continued to manufacture in-house, supplying to the demand, set by our loyal customers. We control our wastage by making-to-order and replenishing our stores by replacing what we’ve sold. Furthermore, our dispatch practices see a priority placed on recyclable cardboard and biodegradable satchels, eliminating our need for single-use plastics.

With an emphasis on quality we can ensure the lifespan of our jewellery. Permeating time and trends we source premium materials and engineer our designs using the latest in innovation, ensuring the longevity, performance and quality of every AMJ piece. We pledge to continue evolving in a way that is sustainable, slow and circular.

Our Practices

All our online and custom orders are made-to-order. Yes, that’s right. Each morning our team of 12 jewellers receive a list of all the pieces you ordered overnight and get to work crafting them. These are then packaged in our bio-gradable satchels and sent to you. We supply-to-demand for our boutiques with daily restocks - replacing what we sold the day prior.

By predominantly manufacturing in-house, we have complete control over our production process, this allows us to mindfully make decisions that are geared towards sustainability.