Alana Maria Jewellery is a contemporary Australian designer fashion label that prides itself on cultivating the principles of self-expression, empowerment and diversity.
A brand admirably purposeful to wearable luxury, AMJ’s basis of authenticity is derived from sentiment and creative expression.
Dreamed and designed in Freshwater, Australia, AMJ pieces are handcrafted to set hearts on fire. Inspired by real experiences rather than trends, every piece and each collection completely embodies the essence of I AM.
Business owner, Alana embodies the perspective of personal experience: travels, inspirations and musings, into the production of elegant pieces that transcend the limitations of creative expression.
Allow yourself to become completely hooked on AMJ.
The face (& hands) behind AMJ handcrafted finery is Alana Maria. A 23-year-old Australian designer & artisan hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
The Freshwater-based label was founded & created with a vision to capture, shape & express each wearer’s unique style.
"I love creating fine, unique, detailed pieces that compliment each other and flatter the individual, making the wearer look and feel beautiful."
A cult favourite statement for irreplaceable jewellery and finery since 2018, Alana Maria Jewellery is an extension of Alana’s individual style, passions, adventures, & inspirations.
Where would Alana be without the passionate souls who work close to her: An incredible team of talented, diligent and spirited individuals who help hand-make and design the unique styles in the AMJ collections, allowing inspiration and ideas to flow within Alana Maria.
 Hand drawn, designed and crafted, each piece has a special place in the heart of its creator and (we hope) its wearer. Every piece is handmade with intention and embodies the essence of ‘I AM’.
YOU are my inspiration. Be your muse.
Alana xx