Customer Care:

Warranty & Jewellery Care

Jewellery Warranty

Gold-Filled, Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver and Solid Gold Products:

Alana Maria Jewellery offers a 6-month warranty from the date of your purchase. This warranty encompasses repair and restoration services for any products deemed defective or faulty, requiring the expertise of our specialists. Please note that the warranty does not cover accidental breakage or general wear and tear, such as scratches, tarnishing, or fading of jewellery. 

Furthermore, our product warranty does not extend to the replacement, exchange, or refund of products due to normal wear and a lack of adherence to our recommended product care guidelines. Your jewellery is a cherished investment, and proper care ensures its longevity.

Bespoke by Alana Maria:

At Alana Maria, we take pride in the craftsmanship and quality of our bespoke products. To ensure your lasting satisfaction, we provide a comprehensive Lifetime Warranty for our bespoke pieces, safeguarding against and manufacturing defects. However, any general wear and tear of the piece is not covered in the lifetime warranty. This includes:

- Chips and Breakages: Accidental damages to gemstones.

- Scratches: Normal wear and tear, including scratches on metal from everyday activities.

- Chemical Exposure: Damage resulting from exposure to corrosive chemicals.

- Prong Issues from accidents: Damage caused by prongs getting caught or bent allowing stones to fall out.

Warranty Void Conditions:

The warranty becomes void if any other jeweller works on the piece. We strongly recommend returning to Alana Maria for any resizing or alterations.

Complimentary Services:

For Bespoke and Engagement rings, we offer free cleaning and polishing every 8-12 months. This service includes checking settings to ensure stones are secure.

Insurance Recommendation:

Alana Maria recommends securing insurance for engagement rings to cover accidental damages beyond our warranty.

Return Shipping Responsibility:

Customers are responsible for return shipping costs for repairs or servicing that is out of warranty. International clients should retain import documentation for duty and tax exemptions on return.

Resizing Information:

Bespoke pieces qualify for one complimentary resize.

Subsequent resizes are charged and quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Lost Jewellery:

Alana Maria does not take responsibility for lost jewellery.

AMJ Forever Bracelet and Anklets:

Warranty on our AMJ forever bracelets and anklets follow our same 6-month warranty of our gold-filled, sterling silver and solid gold pieces. 

Should your AMJ forever bracelet experience any breakage within 6 months of your initial appointment, kindly reach out to our customer service team at to schedule an appointment to have it re-welded back on. During this session, our jeweller will assess the possibility of re-welding your piece. Please ensure the safekeeping of your chain in the interim.

Breakage beyond the initial 6-month warranty period, such breakage will be deemed as natural wear and tear. Unfortunately we do not offer the option of a store credit in this case. However you will be given the option to arrange another AMJ forever appointment for bracelet re-welding, if feasible, at a cost of $20.

Jewellery Care

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Alana Maria Jewellery pieces are hand-made to order. Our pieces are crafted from either; 14 Karat Solid Gold, 14 Karat White Gold , 14 and 18 Karat Gold filled, or Sterling Silver, adorned with Australian Freshwater Pearls or Diamonds 

Due to the delicate hand-crafted nature of our pieces, special care is required to ensure the longevity of each piece. We recommend avoiding chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, chlorine, fake tan etc. and removing your jewellery before swimming, showering and exercising to avoid unnecessary wear and tear and scratching of your piece. When getting dressed it is also best to place your jewellery on last. 

To keep your jewels in the best condition, we recommend following the guidelines specific of each material your piece is handcrafted with

The Alana Maria Solid Gold pieces are meticulously crafted with the intention of enduring a lifetime. Their exceptional designs ensure resistance to tarnishing, even when exposed to elements such as water in the shower or the ocean. However, it’s important to note that the high purity of this metal imparts a delicate nature to the pieces. 

To maintain the longevity and pristineness of your jewellery, we recommend storing your Alana Maria Solid Gold pieces in a dry place when not in use. This precautionary step helps protect the jewellery from potential environmental factors that may affect its delicate composition. By adhering to these care guidelines, you can ensure that your precious piece remains timeless and will be in your forever jewellery collection. 

It is advisable to refrain from storing your gold-filled pieces in cardboard or wooden boxes. Such storage options often constrain natural oils that, over time, can be detrimental to the wellbeing of your jewellery. These oils have the potential to cause corrosion and can accentuate the visibility of solder joints, which are integral parts of the jewellery’s construction. 

These oils can also interact with the metal components of your gold-filled pieces, leading to undesirable effects such as tarnishing or accelerated wear. By avoiding storage in cardboard or wooden boxes, you help mitigate the risk of exposing your jewellery to substance that could compromise its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Opting for alternative storage solutions in a dry and non-reactive environment will contribute to the prolonged beauty and durability of your piece

It is important to recognise that Gold Vermeil products demand special care to preserve their beauty over time. To maintain the integrity of your Gold Vermeil jewellery, it is strongly advised to avoid exposing it to water. Water exposure can accelerate the wear and tear of the gold plating and potentially affect the underlying base metal. Therefore, it is recommended to remove Gold Vermeil pieces before activities that involve water, such as swimming or showering. This will ensure you are handling your pieces with care and contribute to the enduring elegance and longevity of your jewellery.

Over time, it is perfectly normal for your Sterling Silver piece to undergo a natural oxidation process, resulting in tarnishing. To mitigate this natural occurrence, we recommend incorporating your silver jewellery into your everyday wardrobe. The natural oils present in your skin help stop the process of tarnishing. Frequent wear of your pieces will help maintain the lustrous appearance of your jewellery. 

Despite the beneficial effect of wearing your silver piece often, it is advisable to be cautious when exposing your jewellery to water and chemicals. These substances can accelerate the tarnishing process and affect the overall aesthetic of your jewellery however this can be combated with the use of a silver polishing cloth. This specialised cloth is designed to gently remove tarnish and restore the brilliance of your Sterling Silver piece without causing damage. By following these care instructions, you can ensure the longevity and beauty of your jewellery. 

If your Alana Maria piece incorporates pearls into its design, it’s crucial to exercise caution regarding exposure to certain elements. Specifically, it is advised to steer clear of contact with the ocean, water and other chemicals. 

Pearls typically have a central hole, when exposed to environmental factors there is a risk of substances accumulating within this hole. Over time, this buildup may contribute to the darkening of the pearl, potentially altering its original white appearance. It is recommended to avoid such exposure that could introduce particles or substances that may compromise their aesthetic appeal. By taking these precautions it will preserve the pristine quality of the freshwater pearl and ensure longevity.

To prevent the breakdown or damage of your jewellery, it is essential to remove any accumulated dirt or chemical buildup that may react negatively with the metals in your jewellery piece. Regular cleaning is a proactive measure to maintain the longevity and visual appeal of your Alana Maria Jewellery. 

For convenient at home cleaning, we recommend soaking your jewellery piece in warm, soapy water. Using a very soft toothbrush, gently rub over the piece to remove any dirt or residues. After cleaning, pat the piece dry with a soft cloth and wear as usual. 

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we extend a complimentary in-house cleaning service to all Alana Maria Jewellery purchases. Feel free to visit our store for this service or or reach out to our team via email at to coordinate the polishing of your piece by our team. This will ensure a thorough renewal of your jewellery’s beauty and the preservation of its original shine, allowing you to continue enjoying your exquisite pieces for years to come.