unveiling the making of la dolce vita: a journey from sketch to shelf


Introducing La Dolce Vita, a curated collection of handmade finery inspired by European escapism and the notion of a sweet life. We invite you behind the scenes to witness the making of our latest collection. From the inception of an idea to the moment it graces the shelves, every step is a labour of love and creativity. Join us as we take you through the intricate process, from the drawing board to the final display in our stores.

Sketch & Jewel

At the heart of every piece lies an initial spark of inspiration. Our designers meticulously sketch out their visions, translating ideas into tangible forms. Drawing inspiration from past collections and everyday life - we begin to watch these creations take form.

Once the designs are finalised, our artisan jewellers step in to bring them to life. With precise attention to detail and unwavering dedication, they carefully piece together each element.


The Campaign

The next stage of the process is where the imagery unfolds. The e-commerce production team captures the essence of the collection first, showcasing its beauty in every frame. Following this, we set the stage for our Campaign, crafting a scene on a stunning boat in the Sydney Harbour. Here, we seamlessly blend styling, landscape, videography, and photography to evoke an affluent and desirable Italian ambiance. From the intricate details of product shots to the captivating campaign imagery, each photograph serves as a testament to the story behind the collection,



At last, the time comes for the completed pieces to grace the shelves of our stores. This marks the culmination of months of dedicated effort and imaginative vision, presented in a desirable showcase of skillful craftsmanship and unparalleled style. Welcome to La Dolce Vita - where the sea meets sophistication.